How Daylights Saving Time Kills Fine Clocks

Sunday November 4th marks the end of Daylights Saving Time, and the good news is we all gain one well-deserved extra hour of sleep. Unfortunately the end of Daylights Saving Time will also mark the end of many fine clocks.

While most modern mechanical clock movements contain safety features that permit the hands to be gently moved forward or backward, while antique clocks can suffer sever damage from this simple activity. So what’s the clock owner to do?

The minute hand can be advanced slowly on all mechanical clocks, with care being taken to stop and allow each chime, strike or cuckoo sequence to play completely through.

One of the easiest and probably the safest option for pendulum clocks is to stop the pendulum, allowing time to catch up with the time on the dial.

What should you do if despite all your best efforts your clock is damaged by the time change? Check your local phone directory for a clockmaker who is a member of the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute (AWCI), or visit to locate a certified Master Clockmaker in your area.

Scott Markwood is a retired Clockmaker in North Carolina who keeps his fingers in clock making by maintaining a blog dedicated to connecting clock collectors with collectable clocks, and through sharing his knowledge of clocks with hobbyists and consumers. Visit Mr. Markwood’s blog at

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